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Arraignment at US District Court

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The Mules attended arraignment at US District Court in LA for the 3 citations received in May while spending the night on land under jurisdiction of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. A “not guilty” plea was entered and trial date is set for November 6 at which time the Mules will return to LA. I was not allowed to film inside the court room but did film outside. Photo is at 6am at spot where the Mules spent the night not far from the courthouse. City Hall is in the background.

packing with LA City Hall in bg

Dr. Bob Miller & His Mule, Scooter

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Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting Dr. Robert Miller DVM at his home in Thousand Oaks, CA. He is known for “Imprint Training” when a foal is born. I also met his 27-year-old mule, Scooter, who you can see in this video when it was a 3-week old.

National Trails Day – June 7

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Tomorrow, June 7, is National Trails Day.  There are activities happening all over the U.S. and you can probably find one near you with a simple Google search.  Here are a few links that I found of groups that are doing things like work parties, trail rides, hikes, etc.:

Santa Clara County Arrest

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Judge Jerome Nadler was recently interviewed for the documentary. He presided over the case involving Mule’s arrest in August, 2013, near Gilroy, and allowed videotaping in the courtroom. The case was dismissed.


Mule Arrested

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Mule was awakened Friday night near Camarillo by park rangers and told he had to leave. He refused, was arrested and transported to Alhambra City Jail by US Marshals (due to lack of space, many jails are now contracted as “holding facilities”). Lady and Little Girl were taken to the animal shelter in Camarillo. The third mule, Pepper, was not traveling because her lameness has returned. She has been given a nice home. Mule was released from jail yesterday afternoon and was transported to the animal shelter. He was not charged with any impound fees.

Alhambra Jail

Jan Mendoza Interviewed

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Jan Mendoza of CA DMVJan Mendoza with California DMV headquarters in Sacramento was interviewed for the documentary on Monday and discussed the sections of the Motor Vehicle Code relating to equestrians. It’s interesting that she’s a horse person and had lots of personal experience with sharing the road. And she’s a champion trick rider, one of 3 trick rider instructors in the state. You can see videos of her here:

Mule Reunites with Pepper

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These photos were taken last week at Kathy Greenway’s place in Murrieta where Mule reunites with Pepper who had gone lame back in January. L to R: Mule walking with Pepper to assess her health, Pepper & Mule, and Little Girl & Lady with some of Kathy’s animals in background.